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My Son
The Rescuer
Sweet Butterflies
Hey Rich Man
When I Think Of You
Blossoming Love
God's Property
   My Son                                             

   My son, I wish
   I could take away your pain,
   And wipe away your tears
   That fall like rain.

   To make your cloudy day bright,
   And give you the rainbows end,
   To make you feel at ease
   And sleep peacefully through the night.

   My son, it pains me so,
   To see your tears,
   Like a river flow,
   Beyond the streams
   Of pain and fear,
   My son, I want you to know
   That I am here.

   copyright(c) 2001 Nina G Woods

   The Rescuer
   For you think there is no hope
   When you’re down and weary,
   When you think you may not cope
   As the days are more dreary.

   When you think no one understands
   And you’re feeling all alone,
   Your misery expands
   Your heart is turning stone.

   Just when you begin to trip
   And you’re going for the fall,
   The Lords tender hand will grip
   Because he’s the best rescuer of all.

   Nina Grace Woods (c) 2000

   Sweet Butterflies

   Oh sweet butterflies
   So carefree
   And filled with grace,
   So humble, no pride
   In their face.

   Exotic wings
   That flutter by
   Oh how I wish
   I were a
   Sweet butterfly.

   Grazing on nectar
   Roaming through
   Fields of wild flowers
   So peacefully,
   Oh sweet butterfly
   How precious your
   Life shall be,
   To enjoy Gods
   Beauty so free.

   Nina G Woods July 5, 2001(c)

   Hey Rich Man

   Do you know the feeling man,
   Of scraping pennies of the street
   To buy your children
   A piece of meat?

   I doubt that you care man,
   With your slicked back
   Royal hair, your shiny car,
   Your precious wears.

   Do ya know the feel
   Of shivering through the
   Dark cold night,
   With out a hope of warmth
   In sight.

   Hey man, with
   Your riches and gold,
   Do you know what it’s like
   To have a sick child to hold?

   To hear her cries through
   The agony of the cold night,
   Her precious body
   Shivering from fright.

   Hey rich man,
   Do you real y care,
   That there are poor, starving
   Children out there?

   Nina Woods 2001(c)

   When I Think Of You

   When I think of you
   My problems fade away,
   The darkness disappears
   And evolves into a sunny day.

   When my world is falling apart
   And tears stream down my face,
   As long as you are by my side
   I will win this life long race.

   When I think of you, my love
   The two of us under the stars above,
   I feel ecstatic and complete,
   My heart and yours
   Not missing a beat.

   Nina Woods (c) 2001

   Blossoming Love

   He  planted the seed
   With love and flare,
   Magical fireworks exploded
   In the frosty air.
   Sweat and passion
   Love galore,
   Never ending
   Wanting more.
   Whispers of romance,
   Petals of silk,
   Thorns and thistles,
   Nectar-like milk.
   Leaves of desire,
   Roots of love,
   Core on fire,
   Enriching sun above.
   Rain falling upon us,
   Wind making us chill,
   Blossoming love never ending,
   Our flower has bloomed
   With a thrill.

   Nina Grace Woods  2001(c) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED