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Poetry From The Heart

He Doesn't Know

He doesn't know what
He's doing to me,
The tears in my eyes
The pain in my heart
Endless nights spent apart

Long miserable days
With him on my mind
His voice in my head
Cluttering my thoughts

He doesn't know
I love him so
More than anyone
I could ever know

I long to talk to him
But the pain is too great
Am I doomed an earthly life
Of heartwrenching fate?

(c) Nina Woods 9-2001

Prisoner of Pain

Loving again has brought
Nothing more then vast memories
Of heartache and tears,
From scarring pain through the years.

 I give my all
To those who wish me
To fall, decieving my heart
Invading my thoughts.
Buckled in a prison
Of pain, why should I
Open my heart again,

What does love have to gain.
A prisoner of pain
Someone set me free,
My love has tossed my
Heart, along with the key.

(c)  Nina Woods 2001

My tears are falling
Like the pouring rain
I never knew love
Could bring so much pain

Searing through my soul
Invading my heart
I fall to pieces
Everyday that we're apart

As the sun sets
And the birds
Are nestled peacefully
I dread the cold
Night ahead
Lonely, with bitter
Silence, anxiously
Waiting for it
To end

(c) Nina woods 9-2001


Closing my eyes
Gently releasing anxiety
I begin to slowly float
Leaving the cold earth
The rays of the sun
Embrace me
Filling every cell with
Tender warmth
I feel myself landing
Peacefully on a cloud
Soft as fluffy cotton
Comforting my every wound

Carried into a forest
Like a leaf riding the wind
I settle in a patch of wildflowers
Their petals nestling my head
I am lulled into a silent world
By the tune of chirping birds

Visions of rainbows
And horses
Fill my head
Expelling all the worries
Of the trudging days to come

(c) Nina G Woods 2001

Shadowed Dreams

I heard you whisper my name
Through the wispy rain
Echoing above the clouds
Bringing tear drops of pain.

I saw your shadow in the trees
Running briskly away from me
I longed to touch your tender lips
Before the nocturnal memory slips.

Branches grabbed at me to stop
Haunting satire invading thoughts
My love disapeared with the moon
Shadowed dreams, sunset bloomed.

(c) Nina G Woods 8-25-01