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True Love
Poem Of Myself
God's Breath
Wild Flowers
Let Yesterday Go
The Journey
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Poetry 2
True Love

We yearn for love,
To find someone to adore,
Searching for a mate,
Or believing in mystical fate.

We roam through this world
With no clue of true love,
Just an emotion or an idea,
A fantasy romance that may not be real.

Lifes journey of broken hearts,
Lonliness and despair,
We look for another way,
To find a way to repair,
A love that was never there.

And then one day
Out of the blue,
Comes a tug at the heart,
Jesus giving an answer
To our broken heart.

Follow Him, He will
Show you the way,
Of a lifetime of love
That will never go away.

No broken hearts,
Or being left behind,
But a true love
That's one of a kind.

Unconditional love
That can only come
From God above,
Our heavenly father,
Whose love for us never changes.

An eternity of devoted love,
Never ending, no matter
What we have done, He
Has also given us his precious Son.
To carry us along
Lifes bumpy road, never
Leaving us, in our time of pain,
This is the kind of true
Love we can gain,
Through God and his Son,
This is something a human
Could never truly do.

Nina G Woods 6-1-01

Poem Of Myself

I celebrate myself and sing to myself
To soar the highest mountain
Of success and tranquility
Tones collaged with jubilance
Impression whispers of tautness
Question my unexplored signals

Intertwined hymns of God and
Sincerity circle my universe
The gospel beaming form my heart
Sends a peaceful breeze
In which I breathe graciously

An isolating lyric which hums
No true identity defines
My misunderstood appearance
A half obscure mind
Overcasting reverie and creativity

I wish to walk circumspectly
With a rejoicing carol
Following me down
A chime filled path

copy right 1993 Nina Woods
revised July 20 2001

God's Breath

When you feel
the wind give
You a chill,
or hear the
Rustling of the
When the breeze
never stand still
But coarses your
heart to race,
think of God's
Majestic breath
and slow the
Actions of your pace,
look around
Enjoy the view,
for God has created
it all for you.

Nina woods 6-8-01

Wild Flowers

Exuberant and free
Dancing with glee
Fluttering in the wind
Enamoured radiance within

Abundant with rain
Spontaneous veins
Explosion of colors
Gods free reign

Freedom to raise
Seedlings without cost
Spreading God's promise
Of rainbow colors
To the lost

Nina W 6-8-01

Let Yesterday Go

Let yesterday go
Vanish the tears
That flow,
Grab hold of God,
You'll find more love
Than you'll ever know.

Replace the heartaches
With His unconditional love,
Sweep away the dark clouds
And soak in the sun above.

No need to depend on man
When you have the power from God,
Let yesterday go and
Accept his love, more glorious
Than you'll ever know.

Nina july 5 2001

The Journey

A long bumpy road
Swept with ages of tears,
Worn beaten paths
Of too may tortured years.

Highways of fears
Life in the fast lane,
Never a moments peace
Of a journey taken in vain.

Standing in the middle
Of an never ending road,
Helplessly beginning to fall
From a heavy laden load.

Down on your knees
Crying out in pain,
A glorious light shines
Down the bumpy lane.

Whispers in the trees
Giving you sterngth to move,
The peace of light
Giving you a reason to fight.

Running down the rocky road
Tears streaming down your face,
You see open arms waiting,
Making your broken heart pace.

Tripping over a bump
You begin to fall,
The Lord catches you
He's been there after all.

He takes your hand tenderly,
Smoothing the path
Of a journey that's
Going to lead to a road
Bricked with Gods glorious gold.

Nina Woods 2001